Release Notes

2021.3.1 Highlights

Export to Metahuman and Blendshape Solver symmetry option.

Audio2Face 2021.3.1 release brings important updates to the Blendshape conversion process by including a “pose Symmetry” option and the much anticipated support for Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 - Metahuman. Support is provided via the Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector version 103.1 which can be found in the OV launchers “exchange” tab and under the “connectors” list. To see the entire end to end process - From Audio2Face - to setup within UE4 and Metahuman - please watch the video tutorial found at NV On Demand This is initial version supports MetaHuman via the Blendshape conversion process and export to USDskelanim format. The UE4 connector will allow you to import your audio2face generated animation to setup on a UE4 Metahuman character.



  • Blendshape Solve: Symmetry Option - Allows the user to determine how much symmetry the blendshape solve should have.

  • Save / Load Blendshape conversion preset from OV server

  • New “delete setup” button for deleting the Blendshape solve setup

  • USD export adds UV support

  • Export all indices

  • Splash screen image fix

  • Maya Connector blendshape export fix

  • Audio2Face to Metahuman

  • Metahuman animation curve export from Blendshape conversion

  • Requires Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector version 103.1 to support the import of A2F data



  • A2F Data Conversion Tab: With the addition of Blendshape support - We have consolidated all of the export processes to one tab dedicated to data output.

  • Blendshape Support: Provides the functionality to connect a blendshape driven asset - to our A2F asset

  • A2F Attributes - Save/Load: The ability to save the current state of A2F in a USD file.

  • Kit SDK 102.

  • Geom Subset Deformation: Now supported.

  • Wireframe toggle Menu in Rendering > Visualizers >> Toggle Wireframe

  • No longer need omni.hydra.ui (setting is on Edit>Preferences>UsdSkel section), Blendshape is default enabled.

  • Prox Deformer. Animation > Deformers > Show PROX UI. This is similar to wrap, but has option for rigid partition bind for hair cards.

  • Latest Toolbox. Added the BUILT-IN > SkelAnimation > Create BlendShapes ROM

  • Mesh menu. Mesh separate tools by GeomSubset or partition.

  • New A2F icon

  • Updates to Blendshape export options

  • Prox deformer Bug fix.

  • Added precacher.


  • New Default Layout : to provide easier access to the properties panel and a more efficient workflow.

  • Character Transfer Presets: Allows the user to save presets for the setup of the character transfer process.

  • Reallusion Presets: Included are Presets for Reallusion Characters.

  • Presets: save and load from nucleus server path

  • Multi mesh export: ability to export multiple meshes in a single export operation.

  • Auto mesh selection when importing template and when selecting A2F mesh.

  • TRT encoding fix

  • Warning if mesh has disconnected points

  • Filter pickable points to not contain disconnected points

2021.2.5 Hotfix

  • Added Tooltip

  • Auto transform for DeltaBlend is now fixed

  • Full Undo Wrap UI is now supported

  • Delete multiple Transfer Setups

  • Terminal Node Performance is fixed and can now be enabled/Disabled.

  • Fixed mesh fitting window and not showing up when there is no Default Prim.

  • Correspondence creation undo.

  • Recent Files, Bookmarks, and other history related interface elements now work as expected.

  • Mesh Fitting is now fixed for meshes containing points without connections.

  • Viewport draw nodetype updated

  • omni.audio2face.node_updater extension which update nodetype automatically. Updated file is not backward compatible!

2021.2.0 Open Beta

  • Char Transfer Delete

  • Wrap UI fix

  • Default export dirs

  • New Kit SDK 101.288

  • Audio normalization

  • Recorder and live mode

  • A2F panel update

  • New xform node

  • A2F+player in one click

  • UI updates, minor bug fixes

  • Split app to wizard+tool

  • Wrap UI

  • Major refactor

  • Add char transfer

Known Limitations

  • Reference of Audio2Face USD scenes do not work at the moment. It is a known issue and will be fixed in a future version.

  • Delete Correspondence button only works on single specified setup

  • Setting a filename with only integers and no letters, in the data conversion export dialog box, results in a failed export. Fix coming in 3.2