Release Notes

2021.2.0 Open Beta

  • Char Transfer Delete

  • Wrap UI fix

  • Default export dirs

  • New Kit SDK 101.288

  • Audio normalization

  • Recorder and live mode

  • A2F panel update

  • New xform node

  • A2F+player in one click

  • UI updates, minor bug fixes

  • Split app to wizard+tool

  • Wrap UI

  • Major refactor

  • Add char transfer


  • Fix property extension


  • USD export fix

  • Export popup message update

  • Shrink package size

  • Maya export cache fix

  • Fix long path issue

Audio2Face Release Notes

  • Early Access release 2021.1 brings improved stability and an improved audio interface. This early access preview primarily aims to demonstrate the core functionality of the application. The upcoming 2021.2 release will enable robust tools to allow the user to drive their own custom meshes with Audio2Face.

Known Issues

  • Audio2Face panel settings are currently not saved with the USD file - It is a known issue that will be fixed in future version

  • Reference of Audio2Face USD scenes do not work at the moment. It is a known issue and will be fixed in a future version.

  • Delete Correspondence button only works on single specified setup