Release Notes

2021.2.6 Highlights

Character Transfer - Presets

Included with this update is the ability to create and load presets for saving correspondence points in the character transfer process. Also included are 2 presets from Reallusion



  • New Default Layout : to provide easier access to the properties panel and a more efficient workflow.

  • Character Transfer Presets: Allows the user to save presets for the setup of the character transfer process.

  • Reallusion Presets: Included are Presets for Reallusion Characters.

  • Presets: save and load from nucleus server path

  • Multi mesh export: ability to export multiple meshes in a single export operation.

  • Auto mesh selection when importing template and when selecting A2F mesh.

  • TRT encoding fix

  • Warning if mesh has disconnected points

  • Filter pickable points to not contain disconnected points

2021.2.5 Hotfix

  • Added Tooltip

  • Auto transform for DeltaBlend is now fixed

  • Full Undo Wrap UI is now supported

  • Delete multiple Transfer Setups

  • Terminal Node Performance is fixed and can now be enabled/Disabled.

  • Fixed mesh fitting window and not showing up when there is no Default Prim.

  • Correspondence creation undo.

  • Recent Files, Bookmarks, and other history related interface elements now work as expected.

  • Mesh Fitting is now fixed for meshes containing points without connections.

  • Viewport draw nodetype updated

  • omni.audio2face.node_updater extension which update nodetype automatically. Updated file is not backward compatible!

2021.2.0 Open Beta

  • Char Transfer Delete

  • Wrap UI fix

  • Default export dirs

  • New Kit SDK 101.288

  • Audio normalization

  • Recorder and live mode

  • A2F panel update

  • New xform node

  • A2F+player in one click

  • UI updates, minor bug fixes

  • Split app to wizard+tool

  • Wrap UI

  • Major refactor

  • Add char transfer

Known Limitations

  • Audio2Face panel settings are currently not saved with the USD file - It is a known issue that will be fixed in future version

  • Reference of Audio2Face USD scenes do not work at the moment. It is a known issue and will be fixed in a future version.

  • Delete Correspondence button only works on single specified setup