Initial Release


  • Added support for Menu > Plugin > Omniverse > Export USD.

  • Added support for Export USD (Omniverse) in File > Export menu.

  • Added support for Export USD in the Toolbar.

  • If the plugin is not installed then a message prompt will appear inviting you to visit the instruction website.

  • The export will output many files with the main USD file referencing other mesh, material, motion usd files. This makes it convenient to update the files later.


  • Everything put onto the character will also be exported. This includes accessories, hair, cloth, shoes, gloves, etc.

    • Does not include physics settings and collision shapes.

  • Animation can be batch exported along with the character. The number of USD motion files is dependent on the number of motions selected for export.

    • Currently, blend-shape (morph) animation are not supported.

    • Special notice: The character should be exported with the animation for the best possible result. For example, animation applied from a standard proportion to a smaller character will give unexpected/erroneous results.

Material & Texture

  • Materials and texture files will also export with the character. Different MDLs will be given depending on the Export USD (Omniverse) > Material > Render Mode settings.

  • RTX - Real-Time: All Digital Human shaders and SSS materials will use the Omniverse PBR shader.

  • RTX – Interactive (Path Tracing): Digital Human shader Skin, Head, Tearline, Eye occlusion, and SSS will all use the Omniverse SSS shader. This is an overall visual improvement at the expense of additional system resources.

  • “CC Omniverse Connector was developed for Omniverse Create 2021.1. There are some known issues with this version that will be subsequently addressed and resolved with the release of Omniverse Create 2021.2:

    • Appearance of line segments with the SSS shader, especially on the nose and jawline with the presence of an HDR enabled light dome.

    • Appearance of excessively bright highlights with the SSS shader, e.g. oily lips.”

Live Sync

  • For Character Creator 3.41, users who wish to render on the Omniverse Create will first need to export character and motion USD files to a designated folder, and load them into Omniverse Create.

  • This version of Omniverse Create can only Live-Sync updated files. In order to achieve live updates, the character will first need to be exported in USD format, then activate the Live-Sync capability in Omniverse Create. Automatic updates will be triggered every time the file is overwritten (also works with textures).

  • Live Sync real-time automatic updates is a feature that is slated for release in a later version.”


  • Rudimentary light settings such as rotations, translations, multiplier, and light textures can be brought into Omniverse Create.

    • Discrepancies in the light intensity can happen as a result of translating the Multiplier value.

IBL (Image Based Lighting)

  • The IBL map will carry over to Omniverse, basic matching will be applied to the IBL dome’s rotation and image strength.

    • Mismatch between the IBL dome position and brightness can still occur.