Version Control

Version Control is provided by the Nucleus Server. Many Connectors provide functionality around this feature when a Nucleus Server is used.

This functionality is not available for directory items outside of a Nucleus Server location.


One goal of version control is to provide historical file versions for most file actions. Those file versions are called Checkpoints. When a file is created, saved, uploaded, copied and so on - a checkpoint is created.

Checkpoints are not created automatically in Live Sync mode because of how rapidly the file content is changed. But many Connectors supports creating checkpoints before and after a Live Sync session. Only the head revision file is updated in this mode. It is recommended that you save files before starting Live Sync.


Maya Connector providing Checkpoint option after Live Sync session.


Omniverse Nucleus Navigator listing checkpoints from a Live Sync session in Maya.


Maya Export option provides for entering a Checkpoint Description.

Connectors do not list checkpoints but they can be accessed in Omniverse Navigator and throughout applications like Composer.