• Added:

    • Added support for Character Creator 3.44

    • Support for Export USD (Omniverse) > Send to Server which sends the current file directly to Omniverse Nucleus Server.

    • 60, 30, and 24 fps options are available for Export USD > Export Range > Motion FPS.

    • Export USD > Post Effects offers several basic presets, which can be further adjusted under Create > Render Settings > Post Processing.

    • Export USD > Export Current Frame as Static Mesh for Refinement is provided to convert bone-skinned content to static meshes for subdivision in Omniverse (the bones will be removed).

  • Enhanced:

    • The export will output the main USD file along with other dependencies, such as a light, material, and motion folders, which will contain the associated MDL materials and textures.


  • Enhanced:

    • Character related animations will also export to Omniverse, including the following data sets:

      • Transforms, Motion Clips (supported in v3.41).

      • Expressions, Visemes¹ (enhanced in v3.44).

      • MotionPlus data with Accessory animation exported from iClone (enhanced in v3.44) .

      • Spring Effects² and Physics Rigidbodies² (enhanced in v3.44) .

        ¹. Does not include Viseme Voices.

        ². Spring Effects and Rigidbodies are baked into keyframe animations. Once they are brought into Omniverse their physics settings can not be adjusted.

        ³. Does not include visibility keys, material animations, and sound.

Material & Texture

  • Enhanced:

    • PBR, Digital Human*, and SSS shaders sent to Omniverse from iClone and Character Creator will map corresponding textures and material attributes accordingly.

      • Digital Human Shaders include Skin, Head, Teeth, Tearline, and Eye Occlusion.


      Omniverse Digital Human and SSS shaders only support RTX – Interactive (Path Tracing) mode at this time. Export USD (Omniverse) > Material Render Mode must be set to RTX – Interactive (Path Tracing) for materials to map correctly to Omni-DH and Omni_SSS shaders. If RTX - Real-Time mode is selected, then every material will map to Omni-PBR shaders.


      When a Digital Human character with SSS shader is exported in RTX – Interactive (Path Tracing) mode into Omniverse and the render mode is changed to RTX - Real-Time within Omniverse, then the SSS shader will not take effect and the Digital Human’s material will change to pure white or pure black without any of the original material attributes and details.


      White lines can appear when Shader > Subsurface Weight is set too high, or when an improper SSS map is used, such as a solid white texture.

IBL (Image Based Lighting)

  • Fixed:

    • Inconsistent translations and rotations with IBLs sent to Omniverse.