User Manual

Install the Connector

Follow our connector installation instructions to install this connector. Follow the plug-in installation guide to install the Omniverse Character Creator plug-in.

Getting Started

The Character Creator Omniverse Connector allows users to export characters, accessories, motions, and materials to USD and MDL. The file structure is well-organized, which allows users to easily replace content during collaboration. Please check the following videos to see how to generate a character from Character Creator, and import animated character USD to Omniverse USD Composer.

Getting Started Part 1

Generating Characters with Character Creator

Getting Started Part 2

Importing Animated Character USD to Omniverse USD Composer.

Usage Instructions

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the installation or use of Character Creator, please first visit Reallusion’s Forum.

File Update with Live Sync

For Character Creator 3.41, users who wish to render on the Omniverse USD Composer will first need to export character and motion USD files to a designated folder, and load them into Omniverse USD Composer.

This version of Omniverse USD Composer can only Live-Sync updated files. In order to achieve live updates, the character will first need to be exported in USD format, then activate the Live-Sync capability in Omniverse USD Composer. Automatic updates will be triggered every time the file is overwritten (also works with textures).

Live Sync real-time automatic updates is a feature that is slated for release in a later version.