• Support for Character Creator 4.

Material & Texture

  • Reflection Surface shader sent from iClone and Character Creator to Omniverse will map corresponding textures.


The Roughness map is assigned to the Albedo texture channel, only Opacity and Roughness maps are sent.


  • Camera Exposure (Activate) settings in iClone and Character Creator are now sent to Omniverse Create/Machinima (Render Settings > Post Processing > Auto Exposure)


Only the activation settings are sent without mapping other parameters (default values used).


  • Props¹ and related animations² can be exported to Omniverse.

  • New Export: All, Character, and Selected options are added to the Export USD panel.

  • Activating Turntable from the Modify panel within the Scene Manager creates camera animation that is exportable to Omniverse.

¹ Spring effects and rigid bodies are baked into keyframe animations. Once they are brought into Omniverse their physics settings can not be adjusted.

² Animations do not include keys for visibility, material, and sound.