Nucleus Overview


Omniverse Nucleus is the database and collaboration engine of Omniverse. With Nucleus, teams can have multiple users connected together live across several applications all at once. This fosters users to use the application(s) they are the most comfortable and quickest with and allows for rapid iteration.

Nucleus offers a set of fundamental services that allow a variety of client applications, renderers, and microservices all to share and modify representations of virtual worlds together.

Nucleus operates under a publish/subscribe model. Subject to access controls, Omniverse users can publish modifications to digital assets and virtual worlds to the Nucleus database or subscribe to their changes.

Nucleus Distributions

Nucleus can be installed in multiple ways to suit your needs:

  • On-premises or in your preferred Cloud Service Provider (CSP) using an Enterprise Nucleus Server

  • On a workstation for individuals or teams up to 2 users

Enterprise Nucleus Server


Enterprise Nucleus Server is intended for Enterprise deployments in both on-premises or using your preferred Cloud Service Provider. It includes and supports a comprehensive list of services and features including:

  • Caching- Omniverse Cache increases file transfer performance for your users by keeping data closer to them

  • Data Protection- Backup and Recovery Tools for IT Administrators

  • Integration with Identity Providers- Unify user authentication using Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Secure Data Transfers- Use SSL/TLS to secure your data in transit

Enterprise Nucleus Server is provided as Docker Compose artifacts.

Nucleus Workstation


Nucleus Workstation provides a comprehensive set of services to evaluate and use Nucleus. It is intended for those who want to try Omniverse locally and collaborate with another user.

Nucleus Workstation supports both Windows and Linux and supports the essential features of Nucleus, and can be connected to using Omniverse Client applications.