Connect Sample

The stage created by the HelloWorld Sample


Build your own NVIDIA Omniverse Connector with prebuilt source code samples that use Pixar’s USD and Omniverse Client Library API’s.

Run build.bat to download the USD and Omniverse dependencies, generate the Visual Studio solution file, and build it.

If interested in what dependencies are necessary to build your own Connector, examine either the premake.lua build configuration file or the output project files in the _compiler folder.

Omni CLI

A command line utility to manage files on a Nucleus Server (omni_cli.bat).

This program was initially created to exercise most of the Omniverse Client Library API, but has grown to be a useful utility to interact with Nucleus servers. Typing help will produce a menu that shows the many functions available. Among the most useful are the move/copy functions which can transfer data to and from servers.


A sample program that creates a USD stage on a Nucleus server (run_sample.bat).

The sample demonstrates how to:

  • connect to an Omniverse server

  • create a USD stage

  • create a polygonal box and add it to the stage

  • upload an MDL material and its textures to an Omniverse server

  • bind an MDL and USD Preview Surface material to the box

  • add a light to the stage

  • move and rotate the box with live updates

  • disconnect from an Omniverse server

  • print verbose Omniverse logs

  • open an existing stage and find a mesh to do live edits


The Omniverse Launcher will open a File Explorer window to allow browsing/running the sample on disk.