This page provides detailed information for content creators, artists, and developers to get started using Nucleus Workstation on Windows or Linux.

System Requirements

We recommend the following hardware minimum for installing and running Nucleus:

  • CPU: 4+ core processor

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Drive: Solid-state drive (SSD) for better load times

  • Resource capacity: Start with 100GB and monitor system resource utilization and allocate more disk space as required

Workstation versus Docker Distributions

This is covered in greater detail on the Nucleus Distributions page.

Install using Omniverse Launcher

Nucleus Workstation can be downloaded through Omniverse Launcher.

To begin installation, open Omniverse Launcher and click the ‘Nucleus’ tab, then click ‘Add Local Nucleus Service’.


Set your preferred data path and click ‘Next’. Enter your desired credentials for the Administrator Account and then click ‘Complete Setup’.

Nucleus Workstation will now download and install. There are several ways to verify the installation:

  • Click the menu icon next to ‘Local Nucleus Service’ and click ‘Settings’ to bring up System Monitor. Check that all services are running.

  • Click the folder icon next to ‘Local Nucleus Service’ to bring up Nucleus Navigator. Log in using the Administrator account.

  • Connect to System Monitor by navigating to http://localhost:3080 in a browser. Check that all services are running.

  • Connect to Nucleus Navigator by navigating to http://localhost:34080 in a browser.


Nucleus Workstation runs on a network interface and it’s IP Address or hostname must be accessible by all intended Clients (e.g., USD Composer), including Nucleus itself. Running Nucleus behind a firewall or router and port forwarding traffic inbound is not supported.