Third Party Connectors

Connectors built and maintained by NVIDIA are only a small portion of the total number of connectors interacting in Omniverse. In the following list, you can find the full suite of 3rd party Omniverse connectors.







The ipolog Omniverse connector enables planners to share their planning scenarios in NVIDIA Omniverse, contributing to a holistic digital twin in manufacturing. Material provisioning domain semantics is supplied with ipolog element meta information.


Visual Components

The Visual Components’ Omniverse Connector is a plugin to the platform. The NVIDIA Omniverse connector is now compatible with Visual Components and this connector facilitates bi-directional communication between Visual Components and Omniverse. In a nutshell, this means that any changes made to the layouts in Visual Components instantaneously translate into Omniverse in real time and vice- versa – removing the need for constant export-import of files when iterations or changes are made.


Radical LIVE

RADiCAL LIVE allows you to experience our cloud-powered 3D motion tracking in real time from wherever you are, on any device.


HDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio adds a dedicated lighting interface and HDR lighting content to your existing 3D software. Build your own unique HDRI maps and HDR textured area light setups.


Replica Studios

AI voice actors for games, film & the metaverse.