Launcher Cleanup Tool

The Launcher Cleanup Tool reverts the Omniverse Launcher to it’s initial state. It removes all installed applications, connectors, file utilities, and collaboration tools.


Your Nucleus project data does NOT get removed automatically, but the tool does provide the option. Removing project data is permanent, so use this optional feature only with extreme caution and ensure your data is backed up first!

Download the Launcher Cleanup Tool

The tool is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. It is also compatible with both the Workstation and IT Managed Launcher.

Tool Usage

Once the archive is extracted, double click launcher-cleanup.exe to begin the process. While the Windows version of the tool is shown below, these instructions can be adapted to the Linux version.


The tool will scan your system and present you with a list of everything that has been installed by the Launcher. Type Y, then Enter to continue.


The next screen will ask if you want to keep your data. Type Y, then Enter to keep all of your data; to delete your data, type N, then Enter


The cleanup tool will attempt to run the uninstall steps for each application, then will remove the entire Library folder, all log files, and all Launcher configuration files.


The Launcher should now be returned to it’s initial state.