Release Date: 12/11/2023

  • Tweaked .env file’s SSO_GW_ADDRESS and dependents’ slashes to make it more user friendly

  • Made 8080 the default port for Web for both TLS and non-TLS stacks

  • Removed unnecessary stub file bridge.key.public

  • Added support for OpenID integration (experimental)

  • Added endpoint ports for Core Management API

  • Added support for configuring crashdumps

  • Added forcing SAML ACS URL by default which should render SAML intergrations more stable in some corner cases

  • Components updates:

    • Core 1.14.29

    • Auth Service 1.5.1

    • Ingress Router 1.1.0

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  • Rename user will deny requests to change a non-renamable user or to change a user to a non-renamable user, these values are set in the configuration and have a default list


  • Launcher fixes

  • Image config fixes

  • Metric fix

  • API Server * Allow large object deltas


  • API Server

    • Fixing a race in messaging / channels

    • Adding metrics to improve visiblity of the internal scheduler


  • API Server

    • Log Processor: fixed periodic intermittent crashloops when encountering messages with direction set to --.

Auth Service


  • Update @babel/traverse library to address CVE-2023-45133.

  • Fixed incorrect Profiles.set_info version in generated files.

  • Fixed an issue when user could authenticate with API tokens when their account is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where empty OpenID claims were used for parsing userinfo.

  • Fixed an issue where OpenID usernames were not sanitized with SERVICE_USERNAME_SANITIZING setting.

  • Block changing profile info for system accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where system administrators could not reset password for internal users.

  • Fixed using hardcoded jwks_uri in SSA integration.

  • Use ID tokens to read profile info for OpenID Connect integration.

Ingress Router


  • Added /omni/core/management endpoint

  • Bugfix: was adding dot at the end of /_sys/canonical-name