Release Date: Nov 2023


  • Featured Collections section added to the Exchange tab.

  • Collection Side Nav expanded by default in Exchange tab.

  • Pass proxy settings to launched applications with OMNI_PROXY_SERVER environment variable.

  • Add custom UI for Omniverse Hub app.

  • Add window titles for News and Learn tabs.

  • Block user navigation on the Nucleus tab if Navigator tasks are active.

  • Support displaying server notifications until a specific date.

  • Support sending server notifications for specific platforms or Launcher versions.

  • Add splash notifications displayed as a modal dialog.


  • Update Nucleus Navigator to 3.3.3.

  • Updated the UI for collection menu on the Exchange tab.

  • Updated the suggestion for installing the default Omniverse application.

  • Updated IT Managed Web Launcher Documentation tab to be a link to online omniverse documentation.

  • Changed the default page to Library for IT Managed Launcher.

  • Updated the look for featured collections.

  • Updated the look for the side menu on the Exchange tab (only display categories).


  • Display an error when user tries to delete version that is not installed.

  • Fixed an issue that displayed an Update button for installed connectors and apps in IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed an issue where “New” badges were displayed incorrectly for IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed displaying duplicate connectors after installing with IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed displaying a spinner for connectors page in IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed displaying applications and connectors on the Library tab after calling omniverse-launcher://uninstall command.

  • Fixed an issue when uninstall notification was not shown if triggered by omniverse-launcher://uninstall command.

  • Fixed an issue where filtering content by collections that do not exist could crash the application.

  • Fixed an issue where tags were not displayed for components on the Exchange tab.

  • Fixed displaying regular notifications instead of errors if installer returned an empty error message.

  • Fixed displaying Cache installation suggestion in IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed an issue with webview links not opening in a browser window.

  • Fixed an issue where IT Managed Launcher didn’t work without internet connection.

  • Fixed an issue where custom protocol commands args were persisted to Linux .desktop files.

  • Fixed an issue where Collaboration packages were not displayed on the Enterprise portal.

  • Disable bringing IT Managed Launcher in front of other apps when custom protocol commands are used.

  • Fixed issues with focusing input elements inside modal dialogs.

  • Fixed an issue where login result page opened Launcher or brought it in front of other applications.

  • Fixed opening Nucleus settings from the menu on the Nucleus tab.

  • Fixed incorrect coloring for the beta banner.

  • Fixed an issue where buttons and pagination controls could be scrolled in the version dialog.

  • Fixed an issue where autostart registry keys were kept after uninstall.

  • Fixed the color for the name displayed in the channel dropdown.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher API wasn’t hosted on

  • Fixed an issue where users could not close modal dialogs.

  • Fixed an issue where the beta overlay was displayed compressed sometimes.

  • Fixed an issue where UI and Navigator logs were not being saved to a log file.

  • Fixed an issue blocking custom protocol commands on Ubuntu.

  • Use address for registering new account during Nucleus installation.


  • Fix for CVE-2023-5217

  • Fix for CVE-2023-4863

  • Fix for CVE-2023-44270