Release Date: March 2021

Spotlight Features

New “Learn Tab” available in launcher lets you get quick and immediate “in-launcher” access to our video learning portal. From Introductory content for the beginner to highly focused deep dives for the experienced, Omniverse Learning Videos are now just a click away.


New Capabilities

  • Show available updates for components on the exchange tab.

  • Show component versions in the list view on the exchange tab.

  • Added omniverse-launcher://exit command to close the launcher.

  • Register a custom protocol handler on Linux automatically.

  • HTTP API to get the current authentication info.

  • HTTP API to get a list of installed components and their settings.

  • Added Learn tab.

  • Added new options to group and sort content on the exchange tab.

  • Added the list view for components on the exchange tab.

  • Use omniverse-launcher:// custom protocol to accept commands from other apps.

  • Added the telemetry service for events from external applications.


  • Changed the aspect ratio of images used in component cards to be 16:9.

  • Fixed focusing the search bar automatically when nothing was typed in the input.

  • Fixed reinstalling components that were marked as installed after a restart.

  • Changed the gap between cards on the Exchange tab using the grid view.

  • Fixed refreshing News and Learn pages when users click on the header tabs.

  • Fixed News and Learn links to load webpages without headers and footers.

  • Fixed the scrollbar on the Exchange tab not working correctly when dragged with a mouse.

  • Fixed clicking area for the notification bell.

  • Fixed Nucleus showing up in the library.

  • Fixed “Uninstall” button position in component settings dialog.

  • Fixed the search input losing focus after typing.

  • Fixed losing the search filters after selecting a card on the exchange tab.

  • Changed how content is structured and searched on the exchange tab – moved Apps and Connectors categories to the left menu.

  • Improved the load speed and performance on the exchange tab.

  • Show placeholder in the installation queue if no downloads are queued.

  • Load messages displayed in the footer from the server.

  • Match the font size used for links in the settings dialog.

  • Updated links on Collaboration tab.

  • Fixed extracting files from zip archives with a read-only flag on Windows.

  • Fixed error that crashed browser page and didn’t let users log in.

  • Fixed showing invalid error messages in the exchange tab when Starfleet returns unexpected response body.

  • Fixed expiration of the authentication token.