Release Date: Feb 2021

New Features

  • News tab – shows the latest information about Omniverse

  • Show Nucleus Web on the collaboration tab

  • Improved keyboard navigation and accessibility

  • Update info for installed apps and connectors automatically when the library tab is opened

  • Improved the drag area for the main window

  • Remove failed installers from the installation queue automatically

  • Added a button to clear the search input

  • Added a button to open logs location

  • Allow users to copy notification text

  • Hide Launcher when started with the system

  • Change the bell color to red if notifications contain errors

  • Added a header for error notifications

  • Added a link to show open-source licenses used in the launcher

  • Create a user session in System Monitor after Nucleus is installed

  • Show loading indicators and errors on the startup window


  • Fixed installation controls were not clickable

  • Ignore OS errors during the installation cancel

  • Fixed problems with loading internal launcher settings

  • Fixed problems with initialization during the authentication

  • Fixed a bug where users went back in collaboration tab and saw ‘null’ instead of a data path

  • Fixed a bug where users got redirected to a broken Nucleus page when clicked on a notification

  • Fixed left spacing in component details on the exchange tab

  • Fixed issues with invalid usernames specified during the installation of the collaboration service

  • Fixed users were not prompted to select data paths or install Cache

  • Fixed previous Cache versions were not deleted automatically after updates

  • Fixed the launch button on the library tab displaying “Up to date” when update is available

  • Fixed “Cancel” button was visible when installing components

  • Fixed text overflow in the installation progress