Using a Proxy Server

For customers using a proxy server in their network, Launcher has an optional switch/flag which can be implemented to use the proxy server.

In the shortcut to launcher, add --proxy-server={serverAddress}:{port} to the end of the target line and replace serverAddress with the address of the server you want to use as a Proxy and port as the prot number the proxy server expects connections on.


Here is an example of what a server address may look like in the context of the switch/flag.

--proxy-server= or --proxy-server=MyServerName:111

Shortcut Example

To implement, locate the launcher shortcut you use to start launcher and use the above flag at the end of the launcher target. Please note, there is a space between the flag and the end of the target line.



In the Server Address, do not use the prefix http:// or https://. Instead, just use the server address without this prefix.