Release Date: Jan 2024


  • Anonymize telemetry events when users opt out of data collection.

  • Support feature targeting by OS, Launcher version, build or user profile.

  • Update Nucleus Navigator to 3.3.4.

  • Support silent launch for custom protocol commands.


  • Enabled “Newest” sorting for the Exchange tab by default.


  • Fixed an issue where Launcher did not bring its main window to the front when Launcher opened a second instance.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher closed the application when its main window was closed from the taskbar.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher installation might hang before running installation scripts.

  • Fixed an issue where Hub settings represented incorrect information in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where Navigator did not refresh its server list after Nucleus installation.

  • Fixed an issue where Nucleus installation was displayed on top of other UI elements.

  • Fixed an issue where closing the main window in IT Managed Launcher closed the entire application.

  • Fixed a crash in IT Managed Launcher when a user opens a Nucleus tab without internet connection.

  • Users are now redirected to the library page when Nucleus is uninstalled in IT Managed Launcher.

  • Fixed an issue with the version drop-down arrow displayed incorrectly.

  • Validated email input on the login screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the email field was not updated in privacy.toml after users sign in.

  • Fixed an incorrect error translation for Czech language.

  • Fixed an issue where the dialog close icon was not clickable when the scroll bar was displayed.

  • Fixed an issue where the uninstall notification did not include the component version.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher could not register the first Nucleus account.


  • Fix for CVE-2023-45133.