Release Date: Sept 2022


  • Integrated Navigator filesystem directly into the Nucleus tab.

  • Added “Show in folder” option for downloaded files in Navigator.

  • Extension installation.

  • /open command for opening files with installed applications.

  • Added links for Nucleus Cache in the library.

  • Display an icon for external packages on the Exchange tab.

  • Added new UI for Omniverse Drive 2.

  • Added Ukrainian language translations to locale.


  • Updated dependencies to address minor potential security vulnerabilities.

  • Improved error reporting when files are used by other processes.

  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter closed modal dialogs.

  • Fixed selecting all notifications when users click on the notification bell.

  • Fixed “Invalid time value” error displayed for some OS locales on startup.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher displayed dates in different formats on the Library tab.

  • Fixed scrolling the language selection in the settings displayed during the first installation.

  • Fixed triggering Google Translate dialog on the login result page.

  • Fixed displaying user settings and notifications behind Nucleus installation dialog.

  • Fixed an issue where Launcher couldn’t download new updates after the first downloaded patch.

  • Fixed translations.