• OM-60827 - Fixed connector issues for Kit 103.5, Create 2022.2 and View 2022.2

  • OM-60481 - Send to Omniverse has problems with the nested parent USD structure

  • OM-59350 - Fix for Live Session dialogs

  • OM-53123 - Send to Omniverse not working properly for 2022.2 versions of Create and View


Send to Omniverse Improvements - The settings dialog has a couple of new default settings with regards to this.

Settings Dialog

Send as a Prop - In general, the use of Send to Omniverse is meant as a quick tool to bring a design into one of Omniverse’s apps to better visualize it. Sending as a Prop is making it simpler as an export. Exporting as a Project would be more important when you want to leverage this design as part of a larger project where other designs can be simply aggregated into it by publishing to the same Project name.

Send as Prop UI

Do Not Use Nucleus - This is a NEW option for this release. By default, Send to Omniverse will not look for Nucleus (local or via the server configuration set) and instead save the USD locally. This is super helpful for people that may just have the SketchUp Connector and View installed on their system. Easy to turn off if you want to use Nucleus, just uncheck the box. By default, it will use <Documents>/Omniverse as the place to save the USD’s.

Use without Nucleus

Default Camera - The default camera orientation is saved as camera_default in USD. This now matches to the SketchUp camera orientation and FOV more closely. When exporting as a prop, Create or View will use it when the USD is opened. Also, this works for Send to Omniverse with the Prop setting.