The focus for this release was adding Live Edit as well as Push Changes. Two new icons are added to the toolbar for SketchUp 2020 and 2021.


Live Sync

../../_images/skup_rl-notes_live-sync.png ../../_images/skup_rl-notes_live-sync-panel.png

When you toggle this on by clicking on the Live Sync checkbox, you are now in Live Sync mode with the USD model. Every change you make will be pushed to the USD. This would include edits, deletes, moves as well as additions. Note that due to the structuring of SketchUp, some of the pushes will require more data to be pushed so some ‘edits’ will be a little slower.

Push Changes to Omniverse


This option works similar to Live Sync. Once you have exported a model to Omniverse (as a Prop or a Project), every change is kept track of in the connector. You can push session changes to that model by clicking on this button. It works as a manual version of Live Sync. This allows you to choose when to push changes. It is faster than re-exporting to USD. The workflow in a session would be to export once and then for any future updates, just click Push Changes when you want to update the USD file.