• OM-35878: Need an option for merging geometry in groups

  • OM-36127: Remove temporary MDL files in <Documents>

  • OM-36684: USD stage hierarchy shows the previous model with Send to View

  • OM-36868: Send to View for project not organized correctly

  • OM-36734: Update to Omni Client 1.13.15


  • Support for alternate location for material library

    • Default is a URL to S3 for materials mapped via the CSV file

  • Using the OmniverseAssetLocation.csv file in <Documents>/Omniverse will allow the default location to be somewhere else. For example, if you want to point to a particular Nucleus server instead of pulling from the Internet.

  • Two fields in the CSV file.

    • <Type> - This would be NAME or URL

  • <Path> - Depending on the type, you can specify the appropriate path to the library

  • In general, this does not need to be utilized. But in cases where there is a desire to move the mapping library from it’s S3-based location (known as the NVIDIA mount in Nucleus), this location definition file can be used so that the connector can appropriately point to where the library is located.

Known Limitations

Live Edit is a feature that is planned for SketchUp. This exists for other Connectors and will be coming to SketchUp in the near future.