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class lightspeed.trex.packaging.core.ModPackagingSchema(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)

Bases: pydantic.BaseModel


Check that at least 1 mod file was selected

context_name: str = Ellipsis

Check that the file is a valid mod file


Check that the mod name is not empty


Check that the mod version has a valid format


Check that every selected layer file exists

mod_details: Optional[str] = None
mod_layer_paths: List[pathlib.Path] = Ellipsis
mod_name: str = Ellipsis
mod_version: str = Ellipsis
output_directory: pathlib.Path = Ellipsis
redirect_external_dependencies: Optional[bool] = True
selected_layer_paths: List[pathlib.Path] = Ellipsis
class lightspeed.trex.packaging.core.PackagingCore

Bases: object


Cancel the packaging process.

property current_count: int

Get the current packaged items count

package(schema: Dict)

Execute the project packaging process using the given schema.


schema – the schema to use for the project packaging. Please see the documentation.


>>> core = PackagingCore()
>>> core.package(
>>>    {
>>>         "context_name": "Packaging",
>>>         "mod_layer_paths": [Path("R:\Remix\projects\MyProject\mod.usda")],
>>>         "selected_layer_paths": [
>>>             Path("R:\Remix\projects\MyProject\mod.usda"),
>>>             Path("R:\Remix\projects\MyProject\sublayer.usda"),
>>>         ],
>>>         "output_directory": Path("R:\Remix\rtx-remix\captures\capture_1.usda"),
>>>         "mod_name": "Packaged Mod Name",
>>>         "mod_version": "1.0.0",
>>>         "mod_details": "Optional Mod Details",
>>>    }
async package_async(schema: Dict)

Asynchronous implementation of package

async package_async_with_exceptions(schema: Dict)

Asynchronous implementation of package, but async without error handling. This is meant for testing.

property status: str

Get the current total items count


Return the object that will automatically unsubscribe when destroyed.


Return the object that will automatically unsubscribe when destroyed.

property total_count: int

Get the current total items count