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class lightspeed.progress_popup.window.CustomProgressModel

Bases: omni.ui._ui.AbstractValueModel

get_value_as_float(self: omni.ui._ui.AbstractValueModel) float

Return the float representation of the value.

get_value_as_string(self: omni.ui._ui.AbstractValueModel) str

Return the string representation of the value.


Reimplemented set

class lightspeed.progress_popup.window.ProgressPopup(title, cancel_button_text='Cancel', cancel_button_fn=None, status_text='', modal=True)

Bases: object

Creates a modal window with a status label and a progress bar inside. :param title: Title of this window. :type title: str :param cancel_button_text: It will have a cancel button by default. This is the title of it. :type cancel_button_text: str :param cancel_button_fn: The callback after cancel button is clicked. :type cancel_button_fn: function :param status_text: The status text. :type status_text: str :param min_value: The min value of the progress bar. It’s 0 by default. :param max_value: The max value of the progress bar. It’s 100 by default. :param dark_style: If it’s to use dark style or light style. It’s dark stye by default.

property progress
property status_text