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class lightspeed.trex.replacement.core.shared.AssetReplacementLayersCore(context_name: str = '')

Bases: object

get_layers_exclude_add_child() List[str]
get_layers_exclude_edit_target() List[str]
get_layers_exclude_lock() List[str]
get_layers_exclude_move() List[str]
get_layers_exclude_mute() List[str]
get_layers_exclude_remove() List[str]
class lightspeed.trex.replacement.core.shared.Setup(context_name: str)

Bases: object

get_existing_mod_file(dirname: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) Optional[str]

dirname – The path to search for mod files


The full path of the mod file if it’s found. None otherwise

get_layer_notes(mod_file_path: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) Optional[str]

mod_file_path – The full path to an existing mod file


The notes saved in the file if present. None otherwise

get_replaced_hashes(path: Optional[Union[str, pathlib.Path]] = None) Dict[pxr.Sdf.Layer, Dict[str, pxr.Sdf.Path]]
static group_replaced_hashes(args: Tuple[pxr.Sdf.Layer, Dict[str, pxr.Sdf.Path]]) Set[str]

Filter the hashes so that meshes and their associate materials count as a single entry

import_replacement_layer(path: str, use_existing_layer: bool = True, set_edit_target: bool = False, replace_existing: bool = True, sublayer_position: int = - 1)
static is_mod_file(path: str) bool
static is_path_valid(path: str, existing_file: bool = True) bool