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class lightspeed.trex.hotkeys.AppHotkey(action_id: str, key: omni.kit.hotkeys.core.key_combination.KeyCombination, action: Callable[[], None], display_name: str, description: str)

Bases: object

Wrapper around omni.kit.hotkeys.core.Hotkey to help manage registration and de-registration of app hotkeys.


Cleanup and de-register hooks

class lightspeed.trex.hotkeys.HotkeyEvent(value)

Bases: enum.Enum

Supported hotkey triggers

class lightspeed.trex.hotkeys.HotkeyManager

Bases: object

Manager to define and subscribe to app hotkeys.

Use this to register common hotkeys that may be supported by more than one extension or process and may depend on a specific app context.

Since these use events/subscriptions multiple actions can be attached to one hotkey event.

define_hotkey_event(hotkey_event:, hotkey_display_name, hotkey_description=None)

Declare a supported hotkey.

  • hotkey_event – hotkey trigger to support

  • hotkey_display_name – Display name for hotkey action

  • hotkey_description – Description for hotkey action


Cleanup and de-register all hotkey hooks owned by this manager

subscribe_hotkey_event(hotkey_event, fn, context: Optional['_TrexContexts'] = None, enable_fn: Optional[Callable[[], bool]] = None) EventSubscription

Return the subscription object that will automatically unsubscribe when destroyed.

  • hotkey_event – User action triggered

  • fn – Callable to be called on hotkey event

  • context – Optionally provide the app context where this hotkey will be active.

  • enable_fn – Optionally provide an additional callback to filter events. If the callback returns True then the fn will be called.

class lightspeed.trex.hotkeys.TrexHotkeyEvent(value)


Trex Specific HotkeyEvents

CTRL_S = CTRL + S (On Press)
CTRL_T = CTRL + T (On Press)
CTRL_Y = CTRL + Y (On Press)
CTRL_Z = CTRL + Z (On Press)
ESC = ESCAPE (On Press)
F = F (On Press)
class lightspeed.trex.hotkeys.TrexHotkeysExtension

Bases: omni.ext._extensions.IExt