omni.graph.core.traverse_upstream_graph(prims: List[Prim], attribute_predicate: Optional[Callable[[Attribute], bool]] = None, node_callback: Optional[Callable[[Node], None]] = None) Set[Node]

Traverses the nodes upstream from the input nodes and apply the predicate on visited nodes.

  • prims – The list of starting point nodes for the traversal.

  • attribute_predicate – Function taking an Attribute as parameter and returning bool. If True, connections to this attribute are evaluated, otherwise they are skipped.

  • node_callback – Function taking a Node as parameter. Allows for custom logic to be applied to visited nodes.


The set of visited nodes.

Return type



og.OmniGraphError if the list of prims contains an invalid prim, or the prims do not all belong to the same graph.