Release Date: September 2022


  • Support for lines and (piecewise linear) curves

  • Choice of different representations for points, lines/curves, wireframe and volumes in settings menu

  • Support for volume output as textured mesh for compatibility with Omniverse USD Composer

  • Choice of scene up-axis, text/binary output

  • Optional output of time-varying textures and material parameters

  • Option to force winding order for triangle output

  • Any Omniverse Connector render view can now be opened into Omniverse application of choice via the click of a button

  • Log verbosity selection for Omniverse Connector and Nucleus separately

  • Support for continuation of output within an existing scene (session directory) after closing an Omniverse Connector render view and creating a new one (experimental)


  • Revamped UI with new Omniverse toolbar, including sign-in, settings, and open-in-Omniverse-application buttons

  • Update of Omniverse Client Library to version 1.17.7