• Maya Connector is now referred to as Maya (Legacy) Connector.


  • USD Resolver 1.12 and Client Library 2.16

  • Updated Core Materials


  • OM-64887 - Improve tooltip on disabled Live State

  • OM-63919 - Make group live does not set the type

  • OM-63572 - Update Python deps

  • OM-63336 - 2023.2 Arnold rendering and viewport broken

  • OM-63105 - Live move-to-origin issue

  • OM-62978 - Live material assignment doesn’t set textures relative to .live file.

  • OM-54241 - [Community Bug] Added point light in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal

  • OM-52303 - Cant Reconnect to Disconnected Server


  • Users can now paste in an Omniverse path to the file name field in the Omniverse File Browser to open a file instead of manually having to navigate to it. File Open UI

  • Added a check to ensure that if Live session files are missing, while live, the live session will end.

  • Removed the Live End and merge Options “Merge to New Layer”