Release Date: Sept 2022


  • Maya Connector is now referred to as Maya (Legacy) Connector.


  • OM-58024 - Payloads should be def not Omniverse

  • OM-54681 - Batch export with animation fails

  • OM-59076 - Cameras facing wrong direction when exported as Z-up

  • OM-38756 - When deleting UV sets from a USD in Maya, they do not save when using the Save function

  • OM-54241 - [Community Bug] Added point light in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal

  • OM-57373 - [Live] Sky dome light may get flipped to its side if Maya user selects the dome environment in a Live Workflow

  • OM-59150 - [Live] Prepend not copying properly for Live Workflow

  • OM-61041 - [Live] On leave Live session, Recompose Proxy USD stage


  • OM-60332 - Improve Live workflow Merge

  • USD Resolver 1.11 and Client Library 2.15