Supported & Unsupported Features

Supported Features


  • Geometry
    • Static Meshes

    • Skeletal Meshes (usdSkel)

    • Animation

    • Point Cache

  • Lights
    • Maya Native Lights

    • Arnold Lights

  • Cameras
    • Maya Native Cameras

  • Materials
    • MDL render context

    • USD Preview Surface render context

  • Instances

  • Model Variants


  • Open, Import, and Export USD files

  • Save USD only saves the delta from the last state of the USD file, preserving the unchanged parts of the USD.

  • Live Mode
    • Live Transforms

    • Live Edit Mesh

    • Cameras edits

    • Lights edits for supported types

    • Materials

  • Animation
    • Pose Live: Pose a usdSkel while working in live mode.

Unsupported Features


  1. USD Layer control

  2. USD Blend-Shape is limited support

  3. Scope Nodes

  4. Opening USD Point instance is not supported yet


  1. Most common native materials are supported on export via Universal Material Map, however, not all material have targets.

  2. MDL node editing is not supported


  1. Configurable Export paths