Machinima 2022.3.0

Release Notes


  • Update to kit version 104.2


  • Add - A2G updated for Ada support.

  • Add - Improvements to A2G skeleton.

  • Fix - Name consistency on A2G skeleton joints.

  • Fix - Skeleton Selector.


A2G and PE have a minimum driver requirement of 5.22 or newer.


Some users may experience issues when retargeting hands from A2G to another skeleton. Please use the “retarget pose” tools in the retargeting UI to adjust the offsets between the retargeted poses to improve the result.

Pose Estimation

  • Add - Pose Estimator updated for Ada support.

  • Add - Seated Pose. Added a seated pose option. Enable this to animate only the upper body while the lower body remains in a locked seated position.

  • Fix - issue where recording with Pose tracker would result in two files being written to disk.

Additional Updates

  • Fix - Reshade has been updated for kit 104.1