Machinima 2022.2.0

Release Notes


  • Update to kit version 103.5


  • Add - Mouse navigation in Sequencer. Middle mouse click+drag to pan. Ctrl+Mouse wheel to zoom.

  • Add - Drag and Drop support to rearrange Tracks.

  • Add - support for audio trimming in Sequencer.

  • Add - Sequencer now draws invisible clips and tracks gray to indicate they are not active.

  • Fix - Clip handles missing after resizing sequencer range

  • Fix - SkelAnim Breaks when added to sequencer.


  • Add - omni.anim.curve 103.7.14

  • Add - Updated UI Icon size for better legibility.

  • Add - Improved colour scheme and legibility of curves in graph.

  • Fix - Fixed issue where incorrect Rotation order was applied to cameras that were “created from view”.

  • Fix - Fixed issue where animating a camera from a 1st person perspective created bad transform values.

  • Fix - Time slider cannot go beyond the set time range with the previous frame button click.