Machinima 2021.1.3


  • Camera Animation has been replaced by KeyFramer, which gives you all the functionality of Camera Animation tool, but for any prim!

  • Focus tool for cameras lets you pick a focus distance with a click

  • The Sequencer Window can now be moved to its own external window, and behaves appropriately. Useful for folks who have multiple monitors.

  • Wrnch has been updated with the ability to directly type in an IP address. New mappings for UE4 base skeleton and Reallusion CC3! You can now directly animate CC3 characters with Wrnch Pose estimation.

  • Blast has been updated to 0.8.5

  • Many issues which used to cause the Sequencer to “flicker” have been resolved, for a much more polished experience.


  • The KeyFramer tool is a much more improved version of the functionality we released with the Camera Animation tool. You can now animate anything with it! Please continue to give us feedback as we improve these “quick animation” tools.

    • A new feature exists which allows you to quickly set the focus of the camera to an object in the viewport.

    • Adding, updating, and removing keys is much easier and more streamlined now.

  • Wrnch now has the configuration necessary to utilize Reallusion models

  • Blast had some issues on initial release that have been fixed. Users should be able to use Blast to its full potential now.

  • Sequencer had a dramatic overhaul to perform and look better.

  • Users can drag it to its own external window and resize as needed

  • Key authoring in tools like KeyFramer has been restricted to hopefully improve the process of adding keys to a prim that is also in a clip.

  • Changing the length of an animated prim should automatically update the length of the clip in Sequencer.

  • The omni.anim.curve extension has also been updated to include functionality improvements related to key animations.