Machinima Overview

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Machinima is an Omniverse app optimized for animated story telling. Through the use and implementation of several new omniverse extensions, users are empowered to assemble animation clips on characters, props, cameras and more. Add to that AI based posed estimation and Audio2Face integrations, and animating characters, facial expression, and movements becomes more fluid than ever before. Tell your unique story today with Omniverse Machinima.

Develop Using your Favorite applications

Omniverse™ Machinima users can take advantage of Omniverse Connectors. Built on popular DCC applications, these connectors seamlessly transfer new content & animations from a growing list of applications. If working in 3D already, chances are a Connector is already available for your choice application.

The Technology Behind Machinima

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Machinima is built using NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit. The Scene Description and in-memory model is based on Pixar’s USD. Coupled with the MDL Material Description and an RTX based renderer running on an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can generate visually compelling and physically accurate worlds. Omniverse Machinima is integrated with Pixar’s Hydra, and therefore can be used to display USD content in any Hydra renderer (e.g Storm, Embree, PRMan etc) which has been built against the appropriate version of USD.

What’s new in Machinima 2022?