Machinima 2021.1.1

2021.1.1 Release Notes


  • Fixed several user-facing issues which were causing instability or display anomalies.

  • Updated Kit version to 100.0


  • Fixed the “Corrupted Character” bug

  • Enabled “Async Rendering” flag which helps with client UI performance when rendering large scenes.

  • Fixed several bugs related to client DPI settings. You will now get a better experience with the timeline when your monitor scaling is larger than 100%.

  • Fixed several crash bugs, including one which was mentioned on forums from trying to use a clip or track prim to create a clip. You will now just get an error instead of a crash.

  • Made the code more aggressive about hiding text when the size of a clip is very small. This should improve the accuracy of clip size relative to the animated asset being represented.

  • Updated several animation extensions to newer versions. This fixes some bugs related to constraints.

  • Updated Blast to a more recent version to fix a compatibility issue

  • Fixed several “Undo” operations in the Sequencer.

  • Added ability for clips to be smarter about their animation clip creation

  • If you drag a skeletal model onto a track, you can continue to just drag animations onto that track and they will be associated with the skeleton that you first dragged onto the track.

  • If you drag an animation onto a track as a clip, you can then drag a model onto that animation to create the expected association.