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Getting Started

The iClone Omniverse Connector export will output the main USD file along with other dependencies, such as a light, material (MDL), and motion folders, to keep the flexibility of file update.

The first video shows the workflow of exporting USD from iClone with PBR/Digital Human Shader, and importing USD to Omniverse for real-time/path-traced render. The second video shares some tips and tricks of using the Live-Sync feature to update content from iClone to Omniverse.

Getting Started with iClone Connector

Flexible Contents Update

Installation Instructions

Please see the Online Manual for iClone and Omniverse installation and usage instructions.

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the installation or use of iClone, please first visit Reallusion Forum .

File Update with Live Sync

iClone 8.1 Beta features Live Sync between iClone and Omniverse, including:

  • Real-time preview of iClone editing changes (characters, props, light, camera) in Omniverse and full-frame character animations transferred to Omniverse.

  • Send Omniverse scenes and props to iClone as editing reference and have characters seamlessly aligned with the environment.