Crash Course on Push Graph and Node Writing

In this tutorial, you use OmniGraph in Omniverse USD Composer to:

  • Move shapes and change their color in response to user activity.

  • Create nodes of your own, using the OmniGraph Node framework.


While you use Omniverse USD Composer in this tutorial, you can follow similar steps to achieve the same results in other Omniverse Apps.

Before You Begin

This is an intermediate-level tutorial on OmniGraph. So, you should be familiar with the following concepts before you begin:

  • Action Graph

  • OmniGraph nodes

  • The visual scripting editor

  • The Omniverse Extension manager

If you’re uncomfortable with these concepts, we recommend you complete Introduction to OmniGraph and Action Graph Quickstart first. Those tutorials provide more detailed information about some of the same steps that you complete here.

Get Started

There are three parts to this tutorial: