NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a revolutionary platform for virtual collaboration and true-to-reality simulation. Globally dispersed teams can accelerate their workflows with one-click interoperability between leading software tools and seamlessly collaborate in a shared virtual world. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise unites teams, their assets, and software tools in a shared virtual space, enabling diverse workgroups to collaborate on a single project file simultaneously. The platform is optimized and certified to run on NVIDIA RTX™ powered professional workstations, mobile workstations and NVIDIA-Certified Systems™. NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ enables enterprises to confidently deploy hardware solutions that securely and optimally run their modern accelerated workloads.

The Reference Architectures provided by NVIDIA should be used as a starting point and are validated solutions with NVIDIA-Certified Program guidance. NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ represent what is available in a production environment in the market today. There are some components that have options in deployment such as Storage where shared storage is an option vs. running locally in the NVIDIA-Certified System. As long as the interconnect between the shared storage device and the server is robust enough, this should not pose a problem for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise workflows. Networking options are also varied and there may be limitations based on the deployment within a data center.

Workload and Topology overview

It is critical to ensure that the workloads and workflows are understood and validated as they are a critical factor in determining the best profile and sizing to utilize within the entire environment. The reference architecture in this document outlines a workflow with Creators / Designers, Reviewers, and End Client as users across the various mobile workstations and workstations. Your specific environment will differ so a POC (Proof of Concept) is critical to ensure that the performance is acceptable for your set of users.

Local Topology

Local Tpology

Local Topology With Separated Enterprise Nucleus Server

Local Tpology

Reference Architecture

For more details visit our guides on virtualized and non-virtualized architecture.