NVIDIA License Server Documentation

The NVIDIA License System serves licenses to NVIDIA software products. To activate licensed functionalities, a licensed client leases a software license served over the network from an NVIDIA License System service instance. The NVIDIA License System Documentation explains in full detail how to install, configure, and manage licenses for virtual GPU software.

NVIDI RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC), and NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps) are available as licensed products on NVIDIA GPUs. To enable the full features of the vGPU, configure the licensing for these products. NVIDIA vGPUs that require licensing run at a reduced capability until a license is acquired.

License Purchasing

NVIDIA vGPU software products can be purchased as either a perpetual license with a Support Updates and Maintenance Subscription (SUMS) or an annual subscription. The perpetual license gives the user the right to use the software indefinitely, with no expiration. All NVIDIA vGPU software products with perpetual licenses must be purchased in conjunction with a four-year or five-year SUMS. A one-year SUMS is available only for renewals. For more information, refer to the Virtual GPU Packaging and Licensing Guide.

Server Instance Types

The role of the service instance is to distribute licenses to client systems from the license server to which it is linked. Summarizing the process; A client system passes its client configuration token to the server instance. Information in the client configuration token enables the service instance to identify the licensed client, the License Server, and the entitlements (or software functionality) to distribute with the requested license.


A Service Instance is required to serve licenses to licensed clients. You must choose a service instance type for your environment before proceeding. Refer to the NVIDIA License System Documentation for more information.

The NVIDIA License System has two types of Service Instances:

  1. Cloud License Service (CLS) instance - (Recommended) - NVIDIA CLS Instance is a cloud-based service hosted on the NVIDIA Licensing Portal and managed by NVIDIA and the cloud service provider.

    • Quick setup: The process for configuring a CLS instance is designed for ease of use and simplicity.

    • You do not need dedicated resources; NVIDIA manages the infrastructure entirely.

    • The CLS Instance provides robustness and dynamic scalability, and maintenance updates are generally transparent.

  2. Delegated License Service (DLS) instance - NVIDIA DLS instance is hosted on-premises at a location accessible from your private network, such as inside your data center. The DLS instance is installed as a virtual appliance.

    • The DLS virtual appliance is on-premises and is entirely disconnected from the NVIDIA Licensing Portal.

    • You can choose which data Centers to deploy your DLS instances and how many DLS instances you need.

    • Review the DLS Virtual Appliance Platform Requirements documentation for configuration and installation information.