Workstation Install Guide


Workstation Setup

Workstation is ideal for individuals and small teams. It’s deployment and configuration is simple thanks to the Omniverse Launcher application.


Workstation runs on a network interface and it’s IP Address or hostname must be accessible by all intended Clients (e.g., USD Composer), including Nucleus itself. Running Workstation behind a firewall or using a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and port forwarding traffic inbound is not supported.

Setup Instructions

  1. Download Omniverse Launcher.

  2. Install the Omniverse Launcher and refer to the Installing Launcher instructions for additional help.

  3. Install Nucleus Workstation. See Nucleus Tab for additional configuration details.

  4. Install Omniverse Applications & Connectors as needed. See Install Apps for information and help.


To ensure Workstation has access to and is accessible by all required services in a non-airgapped environment, refer to the Networking and TCP/IP Ports documentation for a comprehensive list of connectivity ports and endpoints.