Annotation Tools

Annotation Tools, which are a collection of extensions, enable you to effectively document points of interest and suggest changes with precision for specific areas and processes in order to effectively evaluate and optimize layouts and identify potential problems.

Communicate with others and prepare for multi-user collaborative reviews by leveraging Markup, Waypoint, Measure and Section to review your virtual space, check dimensions and make informed decisions.

Markup and Waypoint

Waypoints are used to denote key points of interest in a workflow or route, and markup tools allow users to annotate, highlight or add information directly onto a 3D model or scene. These tools can improve collaboration and efficiency in review processes as they give users the ability to provide and visualize precise feedback. Markups can be exported to provide documentation of planning and review sessions for sharing across teams.


The measure tool provides precision data about the essential distances and dimensions within a plan. Measure allows you to ensure feasible layouts, optimal usage of space, and efficient workflow of facilities.


The Section Tool allows users to create cross-sectional views of their 3D models, providing the ability to visualize and inspect the internal structures and layouts within their design.

Next Steps: View and review work in real-time with live collaboration sessions.