NVIDIA Omniverse Documentation


Omniverse Platform
NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful, multi-GPU, real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX™.
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Omniverse Launcher
The NVIDIA Omniverse™ Launcher is your first step into the Omniverse. Giving you immediate access to all the apps, connectors and other downloads the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Launcher is your gateway to the Omniverse.
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Omniverse Nucleus
At the core of Omniverse is a set of fundamental services known as Omniverse Nucleus that allow a variety of client applications including DCC tools, renderers and microservices to share and modify authoritative representations of virtual worlds.
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Omniverse RTX Renderer
NVIDIA Omniverse RTX™ Renderer is NVIDIA’s premiere real-time ray tracing renderer for Omniverse. It exploits the RT Cores present on NVIDIA Omniverse RTX Renderer Capable GPU’s for industry leading quality at near realtime speeds.
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Omniverse Kit 
NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit is a toolkit for building native Omniverse applications and microservices. It is built on a base framework known as Carbonite that provides a wide variety of functionality through a set of light-weight plugins.
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Omniverse Kit API 
Omniverse Kit is an editor and viewer to Omniverse. It is also an SDK, meaning it can be used to develop your own applications working with Omniverse.
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Omniverse Create 
NVIDIA Omniverse™ Create is an Omniverse app for world-building that allows users to assemble, light, simulate and render large scale scenes.
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Omniverse View
NVIDIA Omniverse™ View is an Omniverse App that offers a simple, yet powerful toolkit designed to visualize architectural and engineering projects with stunning, physically accurate rendering output.
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Omniverse Audio2Face
NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face is a combination of AI based technologies that generates facial motion and lip sync that are derived entirely from an audio source.
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Omniverse Kaolin 
NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kaolin is a powerful visualization tool that simplifies and accelerates 3D deep learning research using NVIDIA’s Kaolin PyTorch library.
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Omniverse Connectors
NVIDIA has built extensions and additional software layers on top of the open-source USD distribution that allow DCC tools and compute services to communicate easily with each other through the Omniverse Nucleus DB.
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Omniverse Utilities
File Management and other utilities for Omniverse.
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Omniverse Extensions
Omniverse Kit Extensions are plug-ins to Omniverse Kit that extend its capabilities—typically for UI or workflows. Extensions are offered with complete source code to help developers easily create, add, and modify the tools and workflows they need to be productive.
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