Install Guide

Omniverse is a scalable platform and includes two license types. The Standard license is great for small teams while the Enterprise works best for large teams. Choose the license type that best fits you or your organization’s needs.

Install Options



Best for:

✓ 1-2 users
✓ Downloading Omniverse from the web and accessing it instantly.
✓ Using computers equipped with RTX-enabled GPUs

Best for:

✓ 2+ users
✓ Accessing Omniverse Nucleus and scaling collaboration to a
data center or cloud.
✓ Accessing Enterprise IT user management and deployment tools.
✓ Aggregating data from multiple applications and file formats.
✓ Collaboration between distributed teams.
✓ Cooperative cross-discipline workflows.

Note: Entitlement via NVIDIA Licensing portal is required.

Note: We recommend that installation is handled by your IT team.