OpenUSD Product Configurator Guide

This OpenUSD Product Configurator Sample will guide you through setting up final USD content to stream as a custom 3D product configurator and testing it in a local environment, which can then be deployed to a public environment.

Sample Contents

You will need the following sample content for this guide:

USD Composer 2023.2.3

This sample was built on the USD Composer sample application. Custom applications can be built to support this workflow.

Configurator Sample Overview

Provides an overview of how the Configurator Sample is structured.

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Configurator Sample Instructions

Learn how to reconstruct the Configurator Sample.

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Composer Streaming Settings

This file will provide settings to launch your stream. If you would like to customize your settings, review the Streaming documentation.

Download File

Kit Streaming Sample

Provides the Web Client and React Component.

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This is the sample USD asset we will use to demonstrate the OpenUSD product configurator.

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