NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud™ Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)


NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud™ Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a comprehensive set of services working together to allow a variety of client applications, renderers, and microservices all to share and modify representations of virtual worlds together either through Application Streaming using nothing more than a web browser.

Omniverse Cloud PaaS APIs and Development Platform

Omniverse Cloud PaaS APIs allow developers to access key capabilities of the Omniverse Cloud PaaS platform. They are designed from the ground up to be consistent, robust, and reliable. By selectively choosing what is exposed, we provide a stable and intuitive developer experience, while shielding your applications from underlying platform changes as the Omniverse Cloud PaaS ecosystem evolves.

Omniverse Cloud PaaS provides the following:

  • Clear, consistent, and focused APIs for faster onboarding of developers

  • Adheres to standard conventions for semantic versioning

  • Isolates developers from changes to the underlying technology stack

Application Streaming

Application Streaming removes technical hurdles so users can focus on using Omniverse Cloud PaaS and developers can focus their time building Omniverse applications. Technical details such as app distribution, hardware optimization and utilization, and WAN/LAN network topology requirements are no longer challenges or roadblocks for application developers who use Omniverse Cloud PaaS.

Examples of applications that stream using Omniverse Cloud PaaS App Streaming include collaborative experiences between different teams and departments and direct 3D asset pipeline ingestion for real-time work.

Platform Security

Omniverse Cloud PaaS’s security features follow top industry standards and best practices to ensure confidentiality and integrity of customer data maintained throughout the platform and overall user experience.

Omniverse Cloud PaaS’s network security architecture ensures each customer develops and collaborate in an safe and secure environment.