Conveyor [omni.isaac.conveyor]

Omnigraph Nodes


Conveyor Belt

  • enabled (bool): node does not execute if disabled. Default to True.

  • conveyorPrim (target): the prim reference to the conveyor.

  • velocity (float): the velocity of the conveyor unit. Default to 0.0.

  • direction (float[3]): relative direction to apply velocity. Default to [1.0, 0.0, 0.0].

  • curved (bool): If the conveyor belt is curved, check this box to apply angular velocities. The rotation origin will be the rigid body origin. Default to False.

  • animateTexture (bool): If configured, Animates the texture based on the conveyor velocity. may affect performance specially if multiple instances are added to a scene. Default to False.

  • animateScale (float): how fast to scale animate texture. Default to 1.0.

  • animateDirection (float[2]): relative direction to apply to UV texture. Default to [1.0, 0.0].

  • onStep (execution): step to animate textures.

  • delta (float): time since last step in seconds.