Surface_gripper [omni.isaac.surface_gripper]

class CreateSurfaceGripper(prim_name: str = 'SurfaceGripperActionGraph', surface_gripper_prim=None)

Bases: omni.kit.commands.command.Command

Creates Action graph containing a Surface Gripper node, and all prims to facilitate its creation

Typical usage example:

result, prim  = omni.kit.commands.execute(
class SurfaceGripper(usd_path: Optional[str] = None, translate: float = 0, direction: str = 'x', grip_threshold: float = 0.01, force_limit: float = 1000000.0, torque_limit: float = 10000.0, bend_angle: float = 0.1308996938995747, kp: float = 100.0, kd: float = 100.0, disable_gravity: bool = True)

Bases: object


  • usd_path (Optional[str], optional) – [description]. Defaults to None.

  • translate (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 0.

  • direction (str, optional) – [description]. Defaults to “x”.

  • grip_threshold (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 1.

  • force_limit (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 1.0e6.

  • torque_limit (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 1.0e6.

  • bend_angle (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to np.pi/24.

  • kp (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 1.0e5.

  • kd (float, optional) – [description]. Defaults to 1.0e4.

  • disable_gravity (bool, optional) – [description]. Defaults to True.

close() None


initialize(root_prim_path: str) None



root_prim_path (str) – [description]

is_closed() bool




Return type


open() None


set_direction(value: float) None



value (float) – [description]

set_force_limit(value: float) None



value (float) – [description]

set_torque_limit(value: float) None



value (float) – [description]

set_translate(value: float) None



value (float) – [description]

update() None


class Surface_Gripper_Properties

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

Properties for the Surface Gripper

property bendAngle

maximum bend angle for the gripper(float)

property d6JointPath

USD path to joint (str)

property damping

Gripper Damping(float)

property disableGravity

Flag to disable gravity on selected object to compensate for its mass(bool)

property forceLimit

Force Breaking limit (float)

property gripThreshold

Threshold distance the gripper will respond to closing (float)

property offset

Transform from parent body to joint (omni.physics.tensors.Transform)

property parentPath

USD Path to parent body (str)

property retryClose

Flag to indicate if gripper should keep attempting to close until it grips some object(bool)

property stiffness

Gripper Stiffness(float)

property torqueLimit

Torque Breaking limit (float)

class Surface_Gripper

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

close(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper) bool

Attempts to close the gripper.


True if any object is within the gripper threshold and it closes, False otherwise.

initialize(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper, arg0: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper_Properties) bool

Initializes the surface gripper object, setting the given properties


arg0 – surface gripper properties


True if initialization is succesful, False otherwise.

is_attempting_close(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper) bool

True if gripper is attempting to close, False otherwise.

is_closed(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper) bool

True if gripper is closed, False otherwise.

open(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper) bool

Attempts to open the gripper.


True if gripper was closed and it was succesfully open, False otherwise.

update(self: omni.isaac.surface_gripper._surface_gripper.Surface_Gripper) None

Updates the internal status of the gripper. This must be called on every step the gripper is closed to verify the gripper did not break contact with the gripped object.