Add a Payload

A Payload is a composition arc that functions similar to a Reference to enable users to aggregate layers or assets onto a Stage. The difference is that a users can choose to not load a Payload. This can help users see the full hierarchy of a Stage, but only load the heavy parts ( i.e. Payloads) that they need. A Payload targets a prim from a layer and loads it and all of its descendants into a new namespace within the referencing layer. This snippet shows how to add a Payload to a prim. A single prim can have multiple Payloads.

Omniverse Kit Commands

import omni.kit.commands
import omni.usd
from pxr import Sdf

    prim_path=Sdf.Path("/World/Add/Payload/Here"), # an existing prim to add the payload to.


from pxr import Usd

prim: Usd.Prim = stage.GetPrimAtPath("/World/my/prim")
payloads: Usd.Payloads = prim.GetPayloads()
    primPath="/World/some/target" # OPTIONAL: Uses a specific target prim. Otherwise, uses the payload layer's defaultPrim.