Release Notes


As of late 2020, Kit has now become a more low-level SDK for building Omniverse Applications. Create has taken on many of user-facing application aspect of Kit

Highlight Overview

Omniverse Kit is a powerful toolkit on which Omniverse applications are built. As the core of each app, improvements in Kit permeate all applications built upon it.

In the latest version (Kit 103) includes many core functionality and rendering improvements like support for USDcurves, Pixar Hydra delegate renderer support — which allows for 3rd party renderer integrations - and Arbitrary Output Variables (AOV) support to output additional shader or renderer outputs.

Key Updates:

  • Manipulator Framework: Create 3D manipulators within the viewport.

  • Hydra Delegates: Add hydra-based renderers to Kit based applications.

  • WARP in Omnigraph: Create GPU-accelerated Omnigraph compute nodes using Python syntax, greatly speeding up performance and time to develop.

  • MDL Python Support Added: Enhance ability to integrate MDL through Python.

  • Extensive rendering updates: This includes USD/NURBS curves support, BasicCurve rendering, Points for hair and particles. It also includes access to USD variables to control materials and render all of this with AOVs for a variety of passes, such as depth and alpha to work with complex compositing pipelines.