Release Date: 01/23/2022

  • A hotfix release, focused on fixing TLS/SSL connectivity issues from newer Clients (Apps and Connectors)

  • Components updates:

    • Core 112.4

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  • API server

    • [OM-40331] switching back to the legacy access logging system, which was disabled by mistake

    • [OM-xxxxx] declare ‘stop’/0 capability when registering in the discovery. This is to fix a situation when the client library requires the ‘stop’ capability and can’t find Nucleus offering it.


  • 111.7 patch was pulled into 112.x line

  • API server

    • [OM-xxxxx] fixing an issue where closeConnection was called twice during disconnect

  • Docker

    • Added lft-lb: an NGINX-based load balancer in front of LFT services (note: this is not yet available for OVE)

    • Allowed whitelisting custom mount resolvers in nucleus-api via OMNI_ALLOWED_MOUNT_RESOLVERS env var


  • API server

    • [OM-xxxxx] fixing stress tests


  • API server

    • [OM-xxxxx] fixing stress tests